Update - 8 steps to intall a Stand-by Generator in 2022

Ed Koehler explains how to install a whole house stand-by generator.

Step 1: It is recommended to set up a secondary electrical panel with a transfer switch next to the primary panel.

Step 2: reroute the most important circuits away from the main panel and into a dedicated sub-panel.

Step 3: build a stable foundation for the generator using stone or concrete.

Step 4: Mount the power source at the homestead.

Step 5: Create a trench connecting the new high-pressure gas meter and the generator.

Step 6: Connect the generator's natural gas connection to the gas meter and run fresh tracing wire between the two.

Step 7: Connect the generator's power cord to the home's wiring.

Step 8: Hook up the gas and power to the generator's back end.

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